K3 designs is a start up design company led by Industrial designer Kristian Arens. Educated at Brunel University in design engineering; Kristian has followed his passion for design, materials and technology.

Winner of numerous design awards including the Autodesk Young designer of the year, Kristian went on to be sponsored by the Audi design foundation and then into full time employment as a design engineer with the celebrated James Dyson.

Having always been passionate about wind and water sports; Kristian then continued his successful design career to work as a yacht designer with the world renowned

Working at X-Yachts since 2005, Kristian has been involved in the production design and engineering of high spec sailing yachts. His involvement spanning from initial sketch conceptual design through to production tooling. 

Working closely with the many suppliers, manufacturers and clients,  he then realised the potential for designing and producing high quality performance orientated products using composite laminates, especially carbon fibre.

Starting with sports equipment designed for precision performance, K3 plan to make other products with the same philosophy. With a foundation based upon these highly engineering products, they can then diversify into showcasing these proven K3 philosophies into everyday desirable objects like furniture.

Carbon fibre has become widely used, where strength, durability and weight minimization are key factors. Secondly; moulding laminates allows to create shapes and forms which are not previously achievable; if at all feasible with normal everyday materials.

This makes it extremely desirable for many people who have an understanding and an appreciation both of its functionality and the aesthetic properties.
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