K3 designs is an independent design and production company specialising in laminate technologies. They have combined their years of water based sports experience with their rich heritage of industrial design experience and carbon laminates technologies to produce the K3design range.

Starting with 100% carbon windsurfing equipment, K3's research and development department are refining and expanding the product range to diversify into markets that require products with a similar highly engineered specification.

Bucking the trend of mainstream manufacturers, K3d are the designer, producer, importer and retailer of their products, allowing their prices to be driven down to 30-40% less than equivelant specification products from other brands.

K3 have one objective; to deliver the highest level of performance products at affordable prices. We match and enhance upon the properties of the leading brands, and aspire to become innovators with the ever evolving progression of materials, technology and style.


Designed in the UK, in collaboration with their established production partners in Asia, all K3 products are produced to an ultra high quality specification, and tested extensively for quality control.
PUNISH ME..............
Featuring just another K3d mast rider



Featuring just another K3d mast rider bending for your pleasure.

Warranty and customer care

All products have been optimized to withstand heavy everyday usage without compromising performance with unnecessary reinforcement weight.
That's why we're proud to stand behind our products and offer a full warranty on all new K3 equipment.
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